Tinkering around the ruins of Nalanda, Bihar

2017 was an incredible year in travel for me. My tinkering toes took me on fun adventures, solo trips, and food and wine journeys throughout the year – from visiting India’s first book village to river rafting in the mighty Ganges. I plan to make this year all the more exciting in terms of travel experiences. Here’s looking at you, 2018!

  • I shall travel Bihar more extensively

Having spent two decades of my life in Patna, I haven’t made good use of the time. I went to Rajgir and explored Nalanda just last year. I’m not proud of all this and hence I want to travel my home town and the state more extensively and learn the stories of my origin firsthand. Also, I literally stay a roadtrip away from Nepal and I still haven’t set foot in that beautiful country. I’d like to change that this year!

  • I shall eat/drink local whenever I visit a new place – India or abroad

No KFCs or McDonald’s yo! Promise. Here’s to saying yes to local food, fresh produce, and gulping down all kinds of local beers and wines.

  • I shall be more open to culinary experiments

Time to try ’em oysters (and more)! Snake wine? 2019 resolution, maybe?

  • I shall explore the North East

It would be an understatement if I said that I’m absolutely smitten by the beauty and culture of the north eastern states of our country. Sadly, I have not travelled to any of the seven sisters yet. And I promise to change that this year.

  • I shall maintain a journal and send postcards from my travels

It gives me so much joy. I wonder why I don’t do this regularly! (eye-roll)

  • I shall watch more sunrises and chase more sunsets