If you know me even a little bit, you’d know I’m equally passionate about writing and travelling and believe the two can change the world in more ways than one. So, when I heard about The Poetry Club’s ‘Verse Voyage’ – it tickled the poet and traveller in me, in one go. The journey I was about to set on meant going on a road trip with strangers, camping, writing, reading, learning, and just being surrounded by words.


‘Verse Voyage’ was nothing short of sheer magic! A weekend of romancing with poetry, exploring its nuances and depths, sharing our own stories in verse. I never knew I’d enjoy meeting new people and listening to their tales of love, laughter, heartbreak, passion, life, and more…

Here’s why I loved this experience so much (with some treat for your eyes) –

In the lap of nature:


Located in the coastal town of Uttan in Maharashtra, ‘Verse Voyage’ took us to a quaint campsite in Maharashtra and let us breathe in its rustic yet charming glory.

Who doesn’t love spending time amidst nature – surrounded by greenery, flowers, garden benches, and the chirping of birds. I think we all need to cut off from our mundane and urban daily lives and leave behind the chaos once in a while so that we can listen to our hearts and minds more clearly, clutter free from the magnetic pull of this materialistic world around us.

Needless to say, poetry breathes freely in nature and it is believed when we spend time in natural surroundings, the poetry within us gets a better chance to flourish.

Poetry workshops:



Interactive workshops, sessions on history of poetry, forms, followed by writing prompts and readings made this such a wonderful experience. I discovered a new side of me – the poet who could write on prompts rather than someone who wrote when an idea strikes. I tried to develop this into a habit and even took #TheDirtyThirty challenge in April (out of the 30 days, I wrote on 23 :P). Thanks to the courage gathered at ‘Verse Voyage’!



The very experience of camping under the stars is unparalleled and something that should be on a traveller’s bucket list. Well, I ticked mine off again as we stayed at the beautiful White Collar Hippie campsite. After our poetry workshops, the evening at the campsite was a magical experience with live band and an open mic for all present. Performing to a crowd of campers that night, I felt a rush that often puts a smile on my face. Star gazing as the night passed by, feeling the nip in the air, discussing and reading poetry never ceased till late in the night.

Sea love:



The first evening, all of us walked to the beach nearby to watch the sunset. We sat by the rocks and looked at the sky as the setting sun splashed myriad hues of pinks, oranges, and purples across the sky.


The next morning, we set on a boat ride – singing verses of Faiz, our voices riding on waves. Here, I felt at home – with this bunch of poets who drew strength and words from their vulnerabilities.


Making new friends:


Meeting new people is an inevitable part of a traveller’s life. But not all acquaintances turn into beautiful memories. I met some amazing people on this trip and I’m so glad that poetry brought us together and that’s what still binds us.


Note: The Poetry Club just announced the second edition of Verse Voyage. Go, explore a new place and while exploring poetry: https://insider.in/event/bandcamp-presents-verse-voyage-2-a-poetry-workshop-nov-26