How does five days of literature affect one’s life? In the most overwhelmingly wonderful ways that’s sometimes expected while at other times completely unanticipated.

The gorgeous entry to the vibrant and magical world of literature

I attended the Jaipur Literature Festival this year and experienced all this first-hand. If you’re a literature lover and devour books like a monster, this place is a paradise – a world of words coupled with that old world charm of royalty and rich culture that’s a treat to all your senses. With so many eminent speakers, writers, fellow literature lovers and more, JLF immediately climbed up on the top of my life-altering experiences. The place, the decor, the people, the vibe, the sessions, the food, the chai, the stalls, the books – it all came together to form a milieu that made me lose myself in the best possible way.

From debates and discussions to poetry recitals and performances, JLF is a melange of culture and literary goodness. So, here I am – to take you to JLF with me, on a virtual tour of all things amazing at the fest. Take a look and be charmed and inspired.

Jaipur Literature Fest welcomes you!
The dreamy decor of a cafe stall, at JLF
Colours all around…
Stalls at JLF
Royal chandelier in all its shining glory


James Shapiro in conversation with Basharat Peer
James Shapiro in conversation with Basharat Peer
Penguin’s special editions at display – for sale. All I did was splurge here!
Poetry in motion – Kesar chai at JLF
Mind Fields – Casey Schwartz and Sudhir Kakar in conversation with Madhu Trehan
Irving Finkel in conversation with William Dalrymple
Keeping the world safe for poetry: Salil Tripati, Ashok Vajpeyi, Nirupama Dutt in conversation with Nilanjana Roy
Ashok Vajpeyi talks about Hindi literature, poetry, and politics.
A slice of beauty from JLF
The final performance before the closing of JLF – a five day literary affair!

Text and images: ©Yashnashree