Photo: Yashnashree
Photo: Yashnashree

For a foodie, traveller and reader, India On My Platter is a delight! Gorging on this delicious read, what I experienced was respect, with frequent bouts of absolute envy for Saransh Goila. This young chef travelled across the length and breadth of the country, soaking in the beauty, culture and food of the places he explored, and that too in 100 days! Now, who wouldn’t want to go for such an adventure of a lifetime! So, India On My Platter is a perfect recipe for heart-burn if you crave a travel of this kind!

This book is not just another travelogue or cook-book, but also a passionate recital and expression of India’s glorious and rich culture – culinary and otherwise. It’s a memoir, an honest and simple read, with personal stories and anecdotes to make it all the more real and appealing.

My personal favourites from his experiences are the ones where he just dived into the mundane, the routine lives of the people and community of the area – cooking lunch with truck drivers on the Karnal highway, enjoying and discussing the health benefits of almond milk with pehelwans in an akhada, unwinding over a glass of wine overlooking the vineyards in Nashik, learning to cook with hollow bamboos in Guwahati, dining with the locals and trying breathing in the cultural diversity of this country!

Give it a read and let Saransh Goila take you through India, and inspire you to set off on a journey that is as delectable as it is adventurous!